About this Blog

I’m a researcher writing rather personally about life, parenting, teens (my area of research), faith, and random topics in between. I hate being vulnerable, but I see the value in sharing my journey with honesty and a spirit of love. This blog is meant to be a place where I process my ideas and hopefully you will share yours.

Professional Life

As a social scientist, I research and teach classes to masters and doctoral students of social work and public health. My research on adolescents includes issues of emotion regulation, suicide, depression, cutting/self-harm, ethnic minority development, and school-based mental health prevention. I’ve published studies and conducted workshops for youth-serving organizations and presented at conferences, such as the American Public Health Association and Society for Research on Adolescence. In my spare time, I also volunteer with my church where my husband serves as a pastor, offering crisis counseling and general support to youth and youth leaders.

If you’re interested, check out my most current work through my CV on Academia.edu.

And if you’re STILL interested or have specific questions, feel free to contact me directly:


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